Celee Evans’ passion for porcelain painting shows in every piece she paints, every study she creates, every video she has produced, and every custom color and specialty brush she has developed. Celee extends a warm welcome to her studio.

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New Study
Carnations, Roses & Smilax Vines

Study: Carnations, Roses & Smilax Vines Study: Carnations, Roses & Smilax Vines

This 12" vase has slightly convex surfaces, perfect for two separate designs! Carnations aren't painted much by porcelain artists for some reason. Here's my take on them, surrounded by cascading vines, rich background, and lots of carved shadows. Combining them with large roses completes the vase!

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Pocket Paints Portable Palettes

Dandy, Portable "Pocket Palettes" with Glass Inserts

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Use this new "Pocket Palette" to create treasures like these....

Holiday Truffle Box

French Vanity Set

Pears & Lilacs

Whether your favorite subject is fruit, scenes or flowers, there are porcelain pieces here to inspire you as an artist or to just bring a little beauty to your day.

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Interested in becoming a student in Celee’s “Sierra Seminars”?  All the information you need to sign up for the April or May sessions is on our site.  Click on the Seminars button to see the subjects and dates.  You might even recognize some of the students shown!


As Christmas drew near Celee was still putting the finishing touches on her large Four Seasons murals that were commissioned by a Los Gatos client.

Here she is playfully transporting the “Fall” panel tiles to the kiln with a tiny Christmas tree along for the ride! The Four Seasons murals were completed just before Christmas and installed in January 2006. To see them in their very regal outdoor location, click on www.celee.com

Earning a degree in English in 1967, Celee Evans transitioned from teaching high school to teaching porcelain painting in the late 70’s. Known primarily for florals and fruits with unique background shadows, she is comfortable designing the tiniest box or the largest punch bowl! She is a faculty member of many US Porcelain Painting Schools and loves teaching internationally, too.

Celee’s home studio near Yosemite is constantly bustling with activity -  students from all over the country  painting in a “Sierra Seminar”,  murals and large commissions  being designed and painted by Celee for Silicon Valley clients, and inspiration for new designs coming from simply peering out the studio window at the deer crossing the creek or the flock of geese in the pasture.

Celee and Bryce Evans

Celee attributes her fulfilling professional life to a relaxed but challenging teaching style, a passion for porcelain shared by other china painters and an artistic eye inherited from her grandfather.  Most of all, she acknowledges the loving team spirit of her husband Bryce, with whom she will celebrate 36 years of marriage in February 2009.

The Story

In March of 2007, the California Assocation of Porcelain Artists celebrated their 30th Anniversary. At that show, the current owner of The China Decorator magazine brought in excess of 100 painted pieces belonging to the late Betty Burbank and Gladys Nelson Burbank (originator of China Decorator) to the convention. Amongst the fruits, flowers, and occasional portraits, I spotted a framed plate with an intriguing ocean scene. The next morning I was among the first to her booth and was lucky enough to have purchased that piece for a mere $40!

I loved the mood of the piece and when, a year later, I decided to paint it, I strove to keep the same mood of the original artist while imparting some of my own style to it.

The most obvious changes I made were to show more cloud formations, which are a favorite of mine when painting scenes. I tried to make the sky more ominous by showing two different "systems", one in the foreground and one lurking just behind the cliff. I took some liberty by adding a crow's nest to the main mast and made the two flags a little more colorful.

Both the original and mine make great use of penwork for detailing the wayward lines on the ship as well as the sails. I loved the original artist's use of enameling to accent the waves and birds so I did the same. It was a bit tricky to create the look of "spray" with 'nameling and I still prefer the original artist's over mine. But I'm satisfied with my 'nameling accenting the crest of the waves and the birds.

The original plate has a great old brass frame. The first time I taught this subject from my own piece, the porcelain frame itself was white because I couldn't decide how to treat it, and quite frankly I had run out of time!

During that class my student, Brenda Archibald, completed her frame by making it a light wooden frame with some burling. I thought that was a great idea, but I wanted the wood to be darker on mine, more like a rich walnut burl. So, using marbling oil, pen oil, and brush strokes, I achieved the faux walnut burl. The depth it shows enhances the depth in my painting and vice-versa.

With my piece now complete, this Clipper Ship is ready to set sail and depart for exotic destinations, like the Southwest PowWow in Mesa, 2009, where it will be one of the two subjects I'll be teaching. You're all "Welcome Aboard!"

  Celee Evans Porcelain: Paints, Studies, Videos, Books, Seminars, Custom Pieces

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