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Celee Evans Porcelain: Studies


Each study has excellent step-by-step instructions, line drawings, and one (or more) color page. Studies cover everything from florals and shadow work to fruits and penwork! Studies show designing on a wide range of pieces.

Great values from $3.50 to $14.95.

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Here are Five Studies to add to your collection. Three are completely new while two are "from the archives" for new appeal! Each is the same high quality color and text you've grown to expect from Celee. Celee is especially excited about the unusual combination of Icelandic Poppies & Pussy Willows, as well as her newest study, Clipper Ship on Stormy Seas.

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Key Colors: Cool Shadow, Morning Glory Blue, Blue Violet, Spearmint, Warm Grey, Rich Brown, Basic Black, Black Green, Chartreuse, Stem Green.

Key Materials: “Drop a Detail” pen oil (Basic Black & Rich Brown) for ship lines & ‘namel-accented waves; marbling oil for faux walnut burl frame.

Clipper Ship on Stormy Seas
“Almost a Book”

A once majestic ship, now burdened with tattered sails, struggles against threatening clouds, jagged cliffs & churning seas: ‘nameling & penwork accent waves, cliffs and birds that fly aloft in the dark,  inspired sky.

15 pages, 9 color pages (many close-ups).


The above subject is one of Celee’s two sessions at the 2009 PowWow!

Key Colors: Heliotrope, Pure Pink, Morning Glory Blue, Cool Shadow, Ruby Rosé, Spearmint, Blue Violet, Black Grape, Chartreuse & Tan.

Key Materials: 35% Roman Gold, Basic Black & Black Grape “Drop a Detail” pen oil.

Lilacs & Agate Etched Gold (on a 10” Scalloped Cake Plate)
“Almost a Book”  

Blue, pink, and purple flowers gracefully travel from side to side, including leaves, buds, stems, shadows and an antique tint; three unique lilac clusters in Roman gold frame the bouquet and spill onto the pedestal that has detailed gold work shown beautifully in sequenced photos.

18 pages, 9 color pages including 1 botanical & 3 black & white photos.


Key Colors: Tan, Pure Pink, Chartreuse, Spearmint, Cool Shadow, Violet of Iron, & Rich Brown, Lemon Zest, Warm Grey.

Key Materials: Rich Brown “Drop a Detail” Pen Oil & Celee ‘Namel (some tinted).

Icelandic Poppies & Pussy Willows (on large oval box)
“Almost a Book”

Seven multi-colored poppies and sprays of furry pussy willows fill this box lid, backed by subtle latticework that spills onto the box bottom; the design covers the entire lid in colors from delicate white to deeper pinks and yellows, together with lots of foliage, giving the piece the feeling of a rich tapestry; ‘nameling embellishes these poppies while a softer design of poppies is inside the box bottom.

18 pages, 10 color photos, 4 black & white photos including 1 botanical.


Key Colors: Tan, Mum Gold, Warm Grey, Chartreuse, Cool Shadow, Rich Brown, Black Green, Morning Glory Blue, Lemon Zest, Violet of Iron, Ruby Rosé, Christmas Green, and Basic Black.

Once Upon a Garden: Rustic Cottage Front with Roses (on 8 X 10 tile )

A rustic cottage front and its once-beautiful yard are slightly framed by a yellow rose bough; the low stone wall and metal gate speak of life once welcomed while shadowy clouds and dappled sunlight show the over-grown tangle of wandering rose bushes obscuring the front door; a modest latticed overhang rests against the light stucco wall that remains bright above the neglected front yard. Once upon a time…

12 pages, 1 full color page, 2 black & white pages.

$5.00           .

Key Colors: Black Grape, Morning Glory Blue, Blue Violet, Cool Shadow, Ruby Rosé, Pecan, Spearmint, and Chartreuse (rather limited palette of paints).

Key Materials: Generic Green “Drop a Detail” pen oil and Mother of Pearl lustre.

Wild-Nots/Forget-me-Roses, Collectibles #2 (on six different pieces, including clock, vase, perfume bottle, and three boxes)

Celee’s “signature” small flowers are daintily combined with shadows and the shape of the porcelain piece to create a wonderful collection; they are shown from more than one angle, in color, and include penwork scrolling, mother of pearl, and detailed attention to subject placement in relationship to the shape of the piece of porcelain itself.

10 pages, 6 pieces shown in color from two angles on two color pages.


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